How to Build Quality Email Lists to Increase Your Sales

Building reliable and high-quality email lists is almost a necessity for consultants because email marketing has become a proven and fundamental strategy used by the best marketers, as well as your competition.

According to these studies, two thirds of respondents believe that email is extremely important to their current strategy, and in this study, it was rated the most effective marketing tactic in the United States.

Today is the perfect day to learn how to build your first CRM list (or supplement your existing list) to drive more sales and repeat purchases for your summer campaigns.

How to build a quality CRM list with CoupSmart’s social technology:

  1. Run a promotional campaign on Facebook (a coupon, offer, discount, event, or contest).
  2. This offer appears in your Fans’ newsfeeds, encouraging them to claim the offer. Note: the offer must be enticing for a significant percentage of customers to claim it.
  3. When fans claim your offer, they give CoupSmart permission to access their data, which includes their email address. Close to 92% of consumers click ‘yes’ when accepting our app's permissions.

Gather data about these customers to increase your list’s value:

When your Facebook offer is claimed, the customer’s email address and social data is captured, including:

    • Demographic data – age, location, gender, email address
    • Psychographic data – likes and interests

With this information, you can remarket to your customers via email. Since the offer is posted on Facebook and can reach thousands of Fans, one or two campaigns can quickly build a large list.

Next, use email (re)marketing best practices to drive sales and repeat purchases, for instance:

  • Send messages based on age or geographical location.
  • Send messages based on campaign activity (did they just claim they offer, or did they claim and redeem the offer?).
  • Send messages based on your customers’ likes and interests.

In addition to the benefits and ROI of traditional coupon campaigns, CoupSmart’s social technology helps consultants send better and more targeted emails to interested customers, increasing sales and trial. Another benefit is the promotion of the discount or offer on your Facebook page, generating awareness and activity for you on your social site, instead of a third party’s.

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