Why does the App ask to post as me or access my information?

Why we ask to post as you or ask about your Friend List:

We need to ask for permission to post as you or to see your Facebook Friends in order to allow you to share the coupon. We NEVER automatically post using your account without allowing you to edit the message or cancel the posting first.


Why we request access to your information:

Our service provides a coupon system that allows our partner companies to find people who will be most interested in their coupons. We collect certain information about you, including age, gender, location, likes and interests so that they may know more about who is interested in their coupon. Also, we provide them the ability to send additional promotions to these Facebook Fans via email, in which you may unsubscribe from this service at the bottom of the email.

We never release your name or personal information to them directly, as all of your information is anonymized before it is shared.

To find out more about how we use your information, please review our Privacy Policy.

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