Why does the app say my profile is blocked?

In order to provide a safe service for consumers and the companies we partner with, we attempt to stop fraudulent activity when it comes to distributing coupons. Your Facebook profile may become blocked if:

  • It is not a personal account
  • It is linked to a temporary email address
  • You own multiple accounts you used to obtain the same coupon
  • If you shared your unique coupon with people outside your household
  • A coupon you have used is altered in any way
  • If you have printed and used excessive copies of the same coupon

If your account is banned, it will not be able to access coupons from any of our company partners. If you believe that the ban was in error, you may attempt to appeal by opening a new support ticket. Click Submit A Request and provide your reasoning why you believe the ban is in error, as well as your Facebook login email address, and our support team will review your request.

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