I selected for the offer to be emailed to me, but I still have not received it.

When send out emails, there are a variety of issues someone might face that prevents them from being able to see the email they are expecting. Here are a few popular solutions in order to resolve the most common problems. Don't forget that some offers will need to be printed and you will have to have a printer connected and ready to go at the time you try to redeem the print offer.

  1. Check your email Spam folder: Sometimes the emails we send out will be caught inside of your Spam folder, make sure to check there if you do not first see it inside of your inbox. Make sure to add support@coupsmart.com to your Address Book in order to prevent future deals to end up in your Spam folder.
  2. Wait at least one hour before expecting the offer: Sometimes it will take a few minutes, up to an hour during times of heavy traffic, for our system to send you an email.
  3. Check the email you use to sign into Facebook: We grab your email address from your Facebook profile if we were not provided with an alternate email address for you. And we only will send the email to one address. 
  4. Make sure you are receiving emails correctly: Sometimes email programs can experience problems that prevent you from receiving any email. if you notice that you are not receiving any emails at this time, check to make sure that the email program is connecting properly.
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