Walkthrough: How To Get Coupons Using Your Smartphone

Mobile coupons are accessed (you guessed it) by using a smartphone. Sorry, feature phones cannot access Mobile coupons at this time.

You can access a Mobile coupon with your smartphone using a Shortened URL.  Each campaign/offer has it's own unique Shortened URL.
Example of Shortened URL for campaign below: cu.pn/halotop

Below are instructions on how our Mobile Offers work:

1. If you're not signed into your Facebook account, you will be asked to log in. 

2. Once you are signed in, you will see the coupon displayed.


You can view the details of the offer.


3. Tap the "Get Offer" button to receive the deal.

4. You will be prompted to Print your deal.

5. If you are able to print from your device, click "Proceed" once this screen appears.

6. Your coupon voucher will appear and you will have the option to Share your deal. 

7. Many of our offers will include a button where you can email the voucher to yourself (since some individuals do not print from their Mobile device)

Offers that display a QR Code

1.  To access via QR code, you first will have to download a QR code scanning app (some phones come with a native QR code scanning app). Here are two that are highly recommended:

RedLaser (Android, iOS), Barcode Scanner (Android), QR Code Scanner™ Pro (Blackberry), QR Code Reader (Windows Phone) or Scan (iPhone)

2.  Follow steps 1-3 above and use the QR code displayed on your voucher when "checking out" to receive your offer.

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