Why does the Page not load or show a 500 error?

Sometimes, when there's is heavy traffic for a particular deal, the elements of the app will load into your browser slowly. Be patient with the app loading, allowing all elements to show up before you interact with them. You may need to try accessing the app again in 15-20 minutes in order to avoid any problems that relate to the traffic spike.

Also, our system will only work well with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. You may run into irresolvable problems using an order or non-supported browser.

Here are links to download the latest supported browsers for your Computer:

If you ran into an issue printing your coupon because of heavy traffic, please Submit A Request and our support team will be happy to help. You must have attempted to print the deal first before our support team can issue you another chance to print. If the page never loads until the deal is finished, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide you with a coupon.

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