Can I make copies or share this coupon?

As you move through the process of downloading this coupon from Facebook, you may have the opportunity to share this offer to your Facebook community, for them to download for themselves. Only one coupon download is available per Facebook user.

However, making physical copies of any coupon, and then reselling, transferring, redistributing, or reproducing the coupon in any manner constitutes "coupon fraud", which is a serious offense, and can therefore be subject to prosecution.

As a security function, CoupSmart Facebook coupons have been tied to each individual's Facebook profile via a "CoupCheck" barcode found on each coupon, which provides information and identification of the Facebook subscriber. CoupSmart monitors, tracks, and identifies those who have committed coupon fraud. Those profiles that have been identified as having committed coupon fraud will be added to a blacklist, which will restrict that profile from participation with any other CoupSmart promotion. In addition, this contact information could be used for further prosecutorial consideration.

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